Hedy Metal Chain
Hedy Metal Chain
Hedy Metal Chain
Hedy Metal Chain
Hedy Metal Chain

Hedy Metal Chain

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Our Hedy Metal Chain is made for fashion lovers who would like a boujie looking chain to decorate their beloved bags. This chain can be added to a small wallet for a crossbody bag or simply to replace an old strap on a crossbody - either which would look fabulous!

Each chain is customised with the Bell and Pearls heart logo putting a whole new take of being shipped with love!


Chain: Copper.


Width: Approx. 5mm chain.

Full length (including clasps): Approx. 105cm.


* Please note chain for sale only, handbags and other accessories are not for sale.

* Colour may vary based on your screen resolution and other computer settings outside Bell and Pearl's control.

* Please note our chains may contain traces of nickel.

* All copyright and trademarks featured are property of their respective owners. Bell and Pearls is not affiliated with any owners of non Bell and Pearls trademarks.